The Cover Story

Straight Up by Cate DashwoodWriting my books was a long (eighteen months and still going) process. It was exciting, but also challenging. On those days when I couldn’t write another word and I was sure I was the worst writer to walk the planet, I needed a distraction – something positive to focus on.
I chose my book covers.
You might be wondering why an e-book needs a good cover (though the paperback versions will have similar covers as well). Think about the last time you ordered a book for your Kindle or other electronic device. How many times has the cover helped you decide whether or not to order a book? (This one by Elizabeth Boyle has been a longtime favorite of mine, perhaps because black dresses are so rare on Regency romance covers.) Long gone are the days of random models in the arms of Fabio. Modern covers are true works of art, and I wanted mine to be no different.
When I started looking into cover designers, I knew that I wanted to invest in mine. After all my covers are the first things readers will see about my books. So I went for the best: my covers were designed by the amazing Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations. She has designed some of the most famous new adult book covers out there, and I knew I had to have her as my cover designer. Sarah designed all five covers for the Dugan Siblings books, and I cannot wait to show you the rest of them!

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