Getting Back on the Horse

It’s a new year, and that means new books. Two new ones, if my plan works out right, which means I need to get to writing something more than a blog post.
view lately
I finished my third book on August 30 last year. Since then, my concentration has been editing, re-editing, proofreading, formatting and releasing three books – and that’s all before marketing and promoting them once they’ve been released. It’s an exhausting process, but one of the benefits was that it gave me a moment to breathe. Writing is hard work, and taking months off from that, even if I was still very, very busy, was exactly what I needed.
Except now I’m on the other side of that process. My books are out there, and I need to start working on books 4 and 5 to complete my first series. I want to tell Kieran and Finn’s stories, and I also want to try plotting or even outlining a book before I write it, something I’ve never done before.  I just forgot how hard the actual writing process is!
New year, new books – and a new set of readers I treasure. Thank you for giving my work a chance!