Fashion Friday: Kylie Lip Kits

kylie lip kitI’m a fan of the Kardashians. There, I said it. It’s a not-very-guilty pleasure to watch their show and follow their antics on Snapchat. So when my amazing friend Anna gifted me with one of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, I nearly screamed.
Kylie’s lip kits sell out pretty much immediately, and I had given up hope of ever getting one. Thankfully Anna surprised me at dinner. None of the guys with us understood my glee but us three girls sure did! And you better believe I immediately ran to the bathroom, wiped off the lip gloss I was wearing, and put on my Kylie liner and liquid lipstick (in Koko K, a beautiful pink neutral with hints of taupe).
The lip kits come with both a lip liner and liquid lipstick and retail for $29. I had only tried one other liquid lipstick (Stila Stay All Day) and hated it, so I wasn’t sure if this was going to work. Turns out it’s a product that’s totally worth the hype. I’ve worn it to yoga classes, meetings and even in the shower, and the stuff does. not. budge.
I think my excitement has crossed over into obsession because I immediately broke my “no screens at dinner” rule the following week when Kylie restocked the lip kits and managed to snag two more (in Candy K and Mary Jo K). I’m desperately trying to resist the urge to buy her newest shade, Kourt K (a beautiful dark purple) when it comes out.
Thank you again Anna for my lip kit!
Have you tried Kylie’s lip kits? What do you think of them?

Fashion Friday: Black Pumps

A long, long time ago (ok, not really THAT long ago) I used to blog about fashion. Besides writing and reading, it’s one of my other passions and something I genuinely miss blogging about – though honestly I could no longer devote the time it takes to blog and write books – but I can blog about it once a week!
Pumps collage
I’m looking to update my wardrobe starting with my shoes – and I’m desperately in need of some new pumps. They need to be classic, but still sleek and fashionable – and alas, the pair from JImmy Choo that I REALLY want are slightly outside my price range. (Just slightly.) I’m looking for pumps in nude shades that don’t have too terribly high a heel, and could go from the office to date night.
I have a few picks that are mostly under $100 (ok, the kate spades would be a splurge!) – which ones are your favorite?
And more importantly – do you have a classic pump you’d recommend?