release date

I Have A Release Date!

It’s happening. Finally, after months (ok, years) of planning, writing, editing and crying (kidding…sort of), my first two books are being released next Tuesday (you can preorder them on Amazon now!). They’re being let out into the cold, cruel world, where people could hate them and write all sorts of nasty reviews. My fiction work will be public, something I have never done before. It’s a dream realized, and yet it’s a very scary dream.
I waffled when people would ask me when my books would be released. “Sometime next year,” I said last year. “Sometime in the fall,” I finally admitted this year. When I finished edits and found a proofreader and researched how to format for Kindle and finally, FINALLY set a date, October 13, I didn’t realize that I’d have to submit final copy to Amazon 10 days before that in order to be in good standing as an author and continue to have preorders available.
So much of this process has been a learn-as-I-go journey. It’s not something I particularly enjoy, but it’s the best way I learn – and hopefully improve on for the next book release (which is December 8, if you’re interested!).
After all that, here I am – five days away from potentially bad reviews and unhappy readers, five days away from revealing to family and friends that which I’ve worked so hard on, five days from hearing from my mother about those scandalous scenes that my books do indeed have.
It all comes down to the release date. I can’t wait – and yet I’m so, so scared.